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Incredible Scooter! 5 stars

All I can say is, man, this thing is fun! I've thoroughly tested this thing in some tough conditions and it has been fantastic.

- Fast!
- Easy to set up (tip: it must be moving to kick the motor in...took me a minute to figure that out:))
- Good battery life
- Tons of accessories and tools included
- Easy to balance and adjust for the rider
- Great brakes

- Struggles up steep hills (I live in the mountains of Park City)

All-in-all, great scooter for a great price!

Excellent Scooter

I have a metro ecosmart from razer, mercane wide wheel dual motor, and a swagcylce pro....this scooter is the best of all worlds.

Best one out there, scooter and freego usa.

This freego scooter is awesome, it is very comfortable, stable, quick, quiet, and easy to use. Adittionally the handels and neck are very stable and secure but designed so it folds easy and fits in the bag they sent with it. Better than any other electric scooter ive seen. Most amazingly I contacted the seller who makes the product and they were amazingly helpful and take pride in their product. Im very satisfied with this product and you will be too.