Freego E10 Pro

Fast, Affordable and Fun.

10" City E-Scooter

Our Flagship product, perfect for the city commuting also with great balance for environments with more challenging roads. Experience the comfort with 500 W in 10" wheel with special springs for a soft ride.

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12" High Powered Scooter

A model for Bold People, robust and ready for tougher environments. Unlike Most Standing e-Scooters (only 8 or 10 inch), Freego F12 comes with 12" large wheels that is Perfect for rocky roads and hilly environments.

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20" FatTire Motor eBike

The DK200 is the High New-end Vehicle. Level up and get both high performance and design ready for high endurance environments. A vehicle perfect to last in environments beyond the city. Explore countryside nature while you have fun.

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All you need for commuting

Scooters for the city and Off Road

Electric Scooters Friendly to the Environment
Step up Your Game

High Endurance eBikes

Get the best Electric Bikes Offroad and for the City

Next Gen E-Skateboard

Not your Typical Skateboard, just more powerful
20" Motorbike Fat Tire E-BIKE
- Max Speed 30-40mph
- 40 Miles Range
- 1200W Brushless Motor

1-Year Warranty
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Arrives Assembled

For well over a decade, this brand has been known for its reliability and efficiency.

Freego is coming to the United States with phenomenal personal vehicles that provide an eco-friendly method to travel from one point to another.

While minimizing the impact on the environment, this brand brings the perfect range of electric Bikes and electric scooters to the USA.Β 

An ideal opportunity for students and busy professionals.

Freego prides itself on service excellence and continues to bring innovative designs year after year.

Get the best quality and performance

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Freego E10 Pro
For City Commute and Suburban Leisure.

Motor power 500W
Max speed 25Mph
Comfortable riding experience with Front Suspension
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Brand New
12-Inch New Model
Freego F12
Speed 22MPH, 38 Miles Range
Powerful Motor 500W
Ideal Personal Transporter
for those living in Suburban Area
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Free Shipping to USA buyers

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